Riesling Rules Book

At Pacific Rim, we’re Riesling zealots. Why? Because Riesling is the most versatile, complex and diverse of all the noble grapes. Yet Riesling is still largely misunderstood… thus, our inspiration for Riesling Rules ®.

As the authors (and we use that term humbly) of Riesling Rules, it is our intent to create a book—or resource—that captures the wonders and virtues of all things Riesling. From factual accounts and hard data to humorous anecdotes and delusional (likely Riesling-induced) hallucinations, it’s all here.

The overwhelmingly positive response to Riesling Rules has been a pleasant surprise. Now in its fifth edition, the book has become quite a phenomenon with over 75,000 copies distributed. The demand and popularity of the book has been so great, we were inspired to bring Riesling Rules to life in animated form.

Many passionate Riesling lovers have participated in our blog and contributed to our previous editions. If you wish to contribute factual content, a personal tale, data or—possibly (Heaven forfend)—a sincere correction, please submit your entry to the Winemaker News section of our website. We will review your entry and you’ll likely find your contribution in the Riesling Rules sixth edition. With your help, we can create a more perfect and complete resource… and make the world a far better place by extolling the virtues of Riesling.